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Pregnancy Snoring & Sleep Apnea

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Is Snoring During Pregnancy Dangerous?

There is some evidence to suggest that snoring during pregnancy can increase your likelihood of developing certain pregnancy-related complications. A Swedish study conducted in 2000 found a link between pregnancy-related snoring and hypertension. It also noted possible complications in babies who were born to mothers who snored.

The study involved 500 pregnant women and their partners. The participants were asked to rate their snoring levels on a questionnaire, before and after giving birth. These levels were then correlated with the incidence of certain pregnancy-related complications within the group. Additionally, upon delivery, the result of their baby’s Apgar tests were also recorded.

The study found a distinct correlation between those women who ranked themselves as habitual snorers (snoring almost every day) and pregnancy-related complications. In particular, 14% of the habitual snorers reported suffering from pregnancy-inducedhypertension, while 10% reported cases of preeclampsia. Habitual snorers were also more likely to have babies that scored seven or less on their Apgar tests.

Is It Sleep Apnea?
Some pregnant women find that they suffer from severe snoring throughout the night. You may even notice that this snoring actually wakes you up from a sound sleep. If you are experiencing these symptoms you may actually be suffering from a condition known as sleep apnea.



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