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Therapeutic Laser




Therapeutic Laser treatment is one of our laser treatment modalities here at Eastlake Implant, TMJ  & Laser Dentistry, and North Park Smiles. Contrary to our surgical laser systems, the cold laser beam does not create any heat. This laser falls into the category of "Therapeutic Lasers". This type of laser is utilized in applications such as:

  • Accelerated tissue healing after periodontal surgery
  • TMJ pain treatment
  • Accelerated healing after extractions
  • Accelerated integration of dental implants
  • Accelerated bone remodeling and healing after bone grafting
  • Rapid Orthodontics - faster tooth movement in conjunction with the INVISALIGNTM system
  • Treatment of tooth sensitivities
  • Treatment of ulcerations

Cold Laser treatment is painless and usually lasts only a few minutes. Cold Laser treatment can not cause any damage and has no adverse or side effects, so it is perfectly safe to use.


The Cold Laser is a therapeutic laser by classification, but is also often referred to as a biostimulatory laser. The Cold Laser "stimulates" cells on several levels by transferring photon energy into the individual cells. This photon energy is then utilized to produce more of the cell's own fuel molecules (ATP).  With more energy available, the cell initiates a faster cell division cycle, as well as a more rapid cell differentiation cascade. The actions which happen on a molecular level translate into faster healing and tissue remodeling on a clinical level.

This laser can be utilized in many different applications across multiple disciplines in dentistry: Orthodontics, Implant Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Periodontics, Endodontics and of course General Dentistry.








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