Wow Dad, now I like coming to the Dentist it didn't' even hurt. And I love watching a movie when they were filling my tooth.

Jesus, 8 years old

This is the best cleaning I ever had!!!.
Dr. Diaz is very gentle.


So the day comes, I'm at ease and comfortable and treated well. Dr D is gentle and very reassuring. The whole procedure seemed to go by quick and I felt no pain. I was so happy and relieved when it was all over. He too is patient and answers all your questions, this kind of compassion is unheard of these days!



I made my appointment and decided to wait before making it a permanent move. Surprisingly he was spot on.. ALL OF THE ABOVE. Excellent credentials and them some (he's an oral/cosmetic surgeon). He not only took care of me well.. but he also did it gently. I BARELY felt the needle stick me! Now with someone like me who's orally anxious, even the tiniest prick hurts! I HATE VISITING THE DENTIST...

But I gotta tell ya. My fears are gone. My doctor is EXCELLENT. And my teeth? Well he replaced all the metal in there with new fillings.. My mouth looks like I've never had a cavity, nor any fillings..


He's as good as it gets! He's got two offices.. If you can't make the M-F, he's also got a SAT-SUN schedule. Great friendly guy. Go see him. Once again, the universe didn't let me down.


Each visit just keep getting better. I love this dentist. The past 3 months, major work no complaints. Fast appts, knowledgeable staff and *****star Dentist, caring Hygenist.(sp)--No more fear going here..


The staff and the dentist were so friendly, welcoming and good-hearted, they made my trip to the dentist a wonderful experience! And, as one without insurance, they are very reasonably priced.


Dr. Diaz is really nice, the staff is amazing and my son enjoys his monthly visit. I feared he would dislike it. That's how great everyone treats him!


The staff are nice and friendly. Dr. Diaz is great. He listen to what u want and try his hardest to accomplished it


Awesome as usual
Olga was great. Great personal stories and inspiration for keeping gums clean and flossing. Love the fact that she takes her job seriously enough to talk about how to improve your oral hygiene. Front staff was friendly as always

Aug 26, 2011
octaviov , San Diego,

5.0Medical Assistant Jul 26, 2011

Hygenist Clean-it was great. No waiting, she was concerned and very gentle when in my mouth. All clean was taken care with in a fare amount of time.

- 4 months ago

jaquelinem , San Diego

5.0fantastic Jun 29, 2011
I posted this on yelp, too:

100% professional, kind, comforting, honest, friendly, and hard-working environment. Dr. Diaz is a true gentleman, the front desk staff is on top of it, Olga the dental hygienist is determined...I can't say enough good things about something that can be a such a painful drag. Place is super clean and well kept, modern, etc.

This was the closest and first result that my insurance, Cigna, suggested. I am so happy to have a new dentist in walking distance who is this wonderful.


- 5 months ago

joshuak , San Diego

Dr eduardo Diaz is great!!! Jun 24, 2011

My experience here has been great so far the receptionist are great all of them sweethearts and Dr Diaz is an amazing dentist I feel so comfortable an safe with his work I recommend him to all my fam an friends I hope they try him he is the best thanks Northpark smiles for making this good for me...

- 5 months ago

irishalyanb , San Diego

I'm just like everyone else and I hate the dentist and find every excuse not to go. Well, while I was pregnant, I had a filling fall out and chipped a tooth, both happened to my 2 front teeth. Dr. Diaz came recommended and I gave it a shot and I am glad I did. He's gentle, numbs the crap out of you so you don't feel anything, tells you what is going on and knows what he is doing. Christina at the front desk is also great. I'm not scared or nervous going to him

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